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Welcome Gorgeous!

I am Kamala and I believe it is every woman's birthright to feel radiant, sensually alive, and in love with the body she's in and to feel completely safe and free to have the fulfilling sexual experiences she deeply craves.

If you are a woman who knows there is more to your experience of being a sexual being in a female body on this planet, then you are in the right place.

I'm here to teach you how to:

  • get out of your head, connect to your body, and awaken your sensuality
  • trust your inner signals and intimately know your yes and your no
  • release past experiences and conditioning that are limiting your enjoyment of your sexuality
  • experience self-love and acceptance that frees you
  • understand sexual seasons and your unique rhythms and contexts that allow you to most want and enjoy sex
  • cultivate a relationship with your erotic self and your desires and the confidence and safety to explore them
  • get totally comfortable receiving (and playing with!) adoration and attention from your partner or others out in the world
  • awaken new pleasure pathways for orgasmic surrender that heals you
  • bring your authentic voice and desires into your relationships to get more of what you want in and out of the bedroom
  • truly become the Goddess-Queen of your sexual domain

My approach is inclusive of lifestyle decisions that support your total fulfillment and expression as a woman in this world. Using a trauma-informed body-mind-somatic approach with a combo of tools, when you work with me, I invite you into a direct and loving relationship with your sexuality.

I teach you to create trustable safety in your body so you can enjoy more and more exquisite turn on and pleasure.

What follows is often a discovery of total confidence and trust in your feelings and desires, self-love to the core of your being, and vitalizing, exquisite pleasure both in and out of the bedroom.

Most of the women I work with discover how intimately connected our sexual energy and sexuality is to the rest of our lives. The positive impact of this ripple effect can be profound in terms of life transformations and upgrades!

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I hope you'll love it as much as I do!

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A little more about me…

As someone who once struggled in some capacity with everything I teach you, I know how frustrating it can be to feel trapped or even shut off from the beauty, magick, and luscious vibrancy of your feminine energy and body.

For the past twenty years, truly, I have studied and explored the Taoist Jade Egg arts, classical Tantra with it's powerful Shakti-goddesses, African dance, Ritual, and women's work as a means of personal and sexual empowerment. I have followed this fiery drive in me that knows that awakened female sexual power is a sacred healing force for the planet and my own journey has been a living embodiment of this truth.

I once felt my body and sexuality didn’t belong to me and experienced a lot of shame and confusion around my sexual pleasure. It actually led me to believe I was somehow inherently broken. Through my own healing and transformation, I became who I am today.... Someone who is so strongly guided by my inner core, who unabashedly loves sex and being in my body, and absolutely loves life. Bonus, I have fun, fulfilling relationships with men.

It is my deep joy and service to offer others the keys they already hold to unlock the feminine majesty that lives within them.

Practically speaking, I have a B.A. from UCLA, I am a certified Transformational Coaching Method coach as well as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. I teach Jade Egg/Pelvic Floor classes to women, offer 1:1 coaching packages and VIP retreat days, and group retreats.

What people are saying…

"Kamala has a beautiful inner light that illuminates anyone she comes into contact with. I admire her deep commitment to her growth and application of the wisdom practices which inform her depth and intuition. This woman walks her talk in her sexual cultivation teachings. Her dedication to women's sexuality inspires me greatly. I highly recommend her programs and coaching."
— Triambika Ma Vive, Lead Facilitator and Sexual Shamanic Coach at ISTA- International School of Temple Arts


Jade Queen: Revolutionary Pelvic Power and Pleasure

This 7-week virtual course is a gentle but power-packed combination of live Jade-Egg practice rituals, teachings, Q&A, self-inquiry exercises, and sexy weekly ‘experiments’ so you can awaken your pleasure centers, harness your sexual vitality, and cultivate confidence in your sensual body and deep desires as a woman. Learn with the support of and connection to other amazing women while practicing from the comfort and safety of your home. This work is also powerful for healing pelvic floor weakness, pain, or other imbalances in your sexual center.


1:1 Coaching for Women

A nine-session coaching intensive of focused attention all on you. In this three month transformational journey, I’ll support you in a deep-dive around your relationship with your sexuality, sex, self-image, pleasure, desire, intimacy, and love. I will be your divine midwife and guide on this three-part journey bringing you into alignment with the very specific desires and goals we will clarify in our first call. To learn more about the specifics of this, who I support, and what it includes, click the button below for more.


For Couples

This very special and limited availability offering is for couples who wish to take their sexual intimacy to new levels. A total V.I.P. in person ritual experience where I guide you through powerful communication practices and touch training that you’ll take with you after the session. Session is crafted in part to specific goals and desires of the two of you. Memorable and powerful.

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